The Value of Connection

The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ. 1 Cor. 12:12

The thing that too many people fail to grasp in today’s world of church is that we are a part of a body. Each one of us (who are followers of Christ) are one part of the body. The thing about bodies is that they work better when they have all their parts.

A part of a body that is healthy has several things that are always true about it. You will see I emphasized always true, not some times true, but always true. Here are those things about healthy body parts.

1. They function in their intended capacity. A healthy body part does what it is intended to do.
2. They are connected to the rest of the body. A healthy body part is not disconnected from the rest of the body. Disconnected body parts die.
3. They follow the function of the body that begins in the head. The brain runs the whole body and Jesus is the Head of his body. Healthy parts do what they head says to do.
4. They do not disconnect from the body and look for another body every time another part causes it pain or does something in a manner they would have wanted done differently.
5. They do not try to harm other parts of the body because they are jealous or selfish.

Unfortunately there are too many people in church today that don’t get the whole view there. They simply see the church as something that they benefit in not as something they participate in the health and work of. The sad part of this is not what it does to the church, but what it causes in people’s own spiritual lives. They miss out on so much when they are a part that is apart.

So the question all this brings about is, “Are you connected?” Are you truly a part of the Body of Christ? You must understand that this is not a question about the universal group of people around the world that are followers of Christ. This question is about a local body of believers. You will never be a part of the Big Body of Christ until you are part of the Local Body of Christ.
So at Fellowship we talk a lot about getting connected. Our statement that is used to describe the process of building up believers in our church is this Connecting to Love, Grow, Serve, and Go.

My challenge for you is to consider where you are in that process.
1st – Are you truly connected to love of Christ? Do you know him as your Lord and Savior? (Love)
2nd – Are you connected to other believers through the main discipleship ministry of a local church? At Fellowship that is Life groups. (Grow)
3rd – Are you connected to your God given function and purpose in the church? (Serve)
4th – Are you connected for the purpose of connecting others to Christ? (Go)

If not, you don’t really understand the fullness of what it means to be a part of the Body of Christ. You are still missing out on so much. At Fellowship Church we believe we are on the VERGE of a great movement of God. How deeply you connect will affect how much you are a part of that movement.

If you show up without the purpose of connecting deeper you might have a good view of the things God does, but you will not be a part of it. You might be able to see it, but you will not be able to celebrate it.

So this week take one step further in the process and make a deeper connection. If you are not connected to a church or Christ at all please visit us Sunday morning at 10:30 AM for our worship service. If you are already attending a service then show up at 9 AM for a Life Group and get connected to grow. If you are already in a Life Group and are growing then get connected to serving by speaking up and saying you want to serve in one of our ministry areas. (Your Life Group leader can help you with that.) If you are already serving then start going in the world and being a greater influence by finding one other person that is not at your level of spiritual growth and help them move forward.

The Verge is a great view, but it is not one that lasts long. Get connected so we can get going!

For more info on Fellowship like location and worship times check out

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