Letting Loose

I have experienced some things in the last few weeks that have been very freeing. It is amazing thing when we are loosed by the Spirit of God. The Bible teaches us that the truth will set us free. Jesus says that if we come to him heavy and laden that he will give us rest. The Scripture teaches that the following of Christ is freedom.

The amazing thing about this freedom is that we best experience it when we fully live as bondservants of Christ. When our lives are 100% focused on being bound to the Lord Jesus Christ and his service and His Kingdom. It is then we discover and experience the truth that if we seek first His Kingdom and his righteousness that he will provide all we need.

The problem that too many of us as Christians face is not that there is not freedom in Christ but that we are not willing to live that life of freedom. Let me tell you why I say that. Truth sets us free. Seeking God’s kingdom first sets us free. Coming to Jesus and giving him the burdens sets us free.

We are not set free when we are in control. There is no freedom when there is a lack of lordship in our lives. When we decide who we are and what we do for the Lord, we do not experience freedom. Truth is that we don’t like that type of truth and that is why we lack freedom. There is freedom in the truth but the truth is what we too often avoid with our lives. We don’t avoid hearing it, we avoid doing it.

My challenge for you today is to let Jesus loose in your life. Tell him that you are his and you will do whatever he wants whenever he wants. There is an incredible freedom found in that. What you might discover is that the truth you learn when you get there is not the truth you thought you would learn.

This is the truth that I have learned this week. I have a great privilege and a great responsibility to be the pastor of Fellowship Church. God has trusted me with the souls of this city and to lead out in seeing our entire city come to Christ. You would think that would be truth to avoid, but the opposite is true. I much prefer that truth over the truth that I have privilege of pastor a good church that will do some good things. The truth that God has something bigger and bolder for Fellowship Church is not a burden but freedom for me.

For those of you at Fellowship Church who missed yesterday, first I am sorry because it was a great day of worship. Second, we announced that we are having a Night of Vision with Pastor Kirk on Friday, March 6 at 6:30 PM. Childcare will be provided and you want to be there.
That might sound arrogant, but I learned this week that it is in humility that I am who I am but it is in the boldness of Christ that I must do what I do. I have something to share that I think will change your life, the life of Fellowship Church, and honestly the life of our city.

Those are big words, but it is because we have a big God who has given us a big task and he has given me a big vision for that. Honestly, I see more clearly than ever before because I have allowed Jesus to set me loose. It is not my burden to see Prairieville come to Christ, it is his work. I will, however, seek that Kingdom first. Not second. Not third. Not after I get my life taken care of. First.

I ask everyone at Fellowship to make every effort to be there on Friday, March 6. If you are going to be a part of this vision, though, you have a decision to make.

Are you ready to live free knowing that freedom means bound and that bound means bold?

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