Passion Action

(I try not to blog two times in one day, but I am leaving for some time of retreat with the Lord and had 2 things I needed to say.)

This Sunday we concluded our sermon series Connected. This series taught 4 characteristics needed in our lives for us to live connected lives to others spiritually and personally. The characteristics are love, authenticity, forgiveness, and compassion.

This Sunday we talked about compassion. The definition I taught is that compassion is passion action. It is one thing to be passionate about something or someone. It is entirely different to be compassionate. It is one thing to take action over a problem. It is entirely different to be passionate about it. Compassion is both passion and action.

Passion action is to rare in our lives. Many Christians can be passionate about worship and walk away and put no action into the truth they heard that day. We can be active in serving the Lord. We can be action, action, action and have no passion. God desires us to be passionately active in our lives.

The text for the day was Philippians 2:5-11. I challenge you to read and check out the greatest passion action of all time. Jesus’ death on the cross was the greatest act of compassion EVER! This passage talks about the name he was given by the Father and the glory that was his, but this was not why Jesus died. It says it in the last verse that he did all this for the “glory of the Father.”

Jesus was not concerned with his rights (his ability to take hold of his nature as God and claim every right he has the Maker of all things), his privileges (equality was not his concern), his promotion (he made himself nothing), nor his position (he became a servant.) Jesus lived the ultimate life of compassion because he had the right attitude. We must not simply change our actions, we must allow God to change our attitudes if we are to live lives of compassion.

Don’t just shout to God, serve God. Don’t just serve God, shout to Him. Put the passion into action and see that action become more passion.

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