The Theological Challenge of Children

We had a great time at supper the other day. Wendy and I laughed and taught and laughed some more. Kids ask the greatest questions and give the best answers. I love to hear their wisdom. So I want to share it with you.

Daniel: Dad, who is your favorite super-hero?
Me: Well…… (Cause honestly I don’t have one.)
Daniel: Mine is Jesus…………….and God. (We are still working on how those 2 tie together)
Me: Well, me too I guess. Jesus is indeed my hero because he is my Savior.(I thought this would be the end of the conversation, but we have not even gotten started)

Daniel: Dad, What does God look like? And Jesus?
Me: Well….(How do I explain the human form of Jesus and the Spirit presence of God to a 7 year old?)
Daniel: Do they look alike?
Melanie: Yes they look alike. They just wear different colored shirts. (I assume like twins. Wendy and I are laughing pretty hard at that one. Then….)
Daniel: No they are not wearing shirts its different colored robe like things.
(NOW we are laughing.)

So I turn this one over to Wendy. She is much better at this than I am.

She does a really good job describing how they look different. I jump in with that it says that God is the light of Heaven, that there is no need for the sun. In trying to explain all this we have to get past that God did not make Jesus – he has always existed – but he did send him to Earth in form of man. So we make it through and have a good conversation about the depth of who God is. (I whisper to Wendy to go ahead and handle up on the Holy Spirit real quick. She declined.)

Then to end the conversation….
Daniel: Jesus and God are my favorite super-hero. What about you, Dad?
Me: Yeah, mine too.

All this to say. We sure can get worried about stuff about who God is and what he does. We worry about what he wants us to do and how he wants us to do it. We worry about what music he likes (or at least we pretend that it is about Him when we go off on other people’s worship music.) We worry about what church is the right church. We get consumed with when and where Bible study is or when, where, and how our leaders lead. We can fret over everything under the Sun…

When sometimes we need to just stop and answer this question.

Is Jesus your super-hero?

He’s mine!

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