Defining Report and Response

A report is meant to tell the facts about a situation or topic. Reports some times include our interpretations or thoughts about what we have seen. Reports are necessary in life. We need to hear the truth – or at least one person’s perspective of it – to be informed in life.

A response is one’s personal reaction to the facts or to a report. Responses are not actually caused by reports. Responses are caused by the heart, spirit, and mind of the responder. Reports affect responses, but responses do not affect reports.

Check out the how response is important when it comes to a report. Read Numbers 13:27-31. This story is about 12 spies that were sent into the Promised Land for 40 days to check it out before the Nation of Israel was to go in and conquer the land God had promised to them. The twelve spies came out with the same report, but there were 2 responses.

Ten of the spies chose to speak fear. They had seen the giants in the land. They knew there were obstacles and they declared they could not be overcome. They actually began to lead the people toward stoning Moses and Aaron in anger because they had led them to their ruin. They decided because of the report to respond in defeat. Defeat was not the fact of the situation it was their choice in response to the situation.

Caleb and Joshua, however, had a different response. They had the same report. They saw the giants. They were well aware of the obstacles. Their response was different. Caleb said, “We should by all means go up and take possession of it, for we will surely overcome it.” His response was not caused by the report. He was well aware of the facts. He knew what was to come. He knew a battle had to be waged and that it would not be easy, but that did not control his response.

Caleb did not respond to the report…He responded to God. He did not look at the facts and see defeat. He looked at the facts and saw God. He looked at the challenge and saw victory because his response was not about the report it was about the Victor.

Today you may be facing some giants or obstacles. Maybe you are being asked to lead a change that has some issues. (Say like being a life group leader or member at Fellowship Church – just a wild shot in the dark for an example.) The report is true. There are obstacles. There are issues that must be faced. There are things that will be difficult.

Now…the report is in…the facts are known…and you have a decision to make…will you respond to the giants…or will your respond to God?

The report does not control your response. If victory is what you expect? If God doing a mighty work is what you are looking for? Then you must decide today to stand up say we will overcome. Claim the milk and honey not the giants. Speak the promises of God not the problems of logistics.

As leaders and as followers we must decide to control our responses. If we respond in fear and speak obstacles and facts, we will experience defeat. If we respond in faith and speak obstacles and facts, we will experience victory.

The report did not change…the response did.

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