Partial Partier?

Do you ever partially party? You show up to a party. It is a great atmosphere and people are having a great time, but not really you. I mean you are there. You put on the party face at times. You even make it look legit for a few moments, but you are just not into it.

I have been known to party like that in my life. The odd thing is it has been at different types of parties at different stages in life. I remember going to some parties at one point in my life and feeling out of place because no one was drinking, but then at other times I went to parties and felt out of place because someone was drinking. Or sometimes you just weren’t into it. You were with a date that was just a one event type date and it was awkward. Or maybe you just thought the whole party and celebration was lame.

The truth is we can miss out on some great parties in life because we are just not into it. In the parables of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin and the Lost Son, it says there is a party in heaven when a lost person is found. I wonder what a party in Heaven is like. I imagine it is one fine shindig.

The question for us is “do we party when Heaven does?” Do the things that cause parties in Heaven cause parties in our lives? Or are we so consumed with the peripherals that we miss out on the party?

When was the last time you missed out on celebrating something great because you wanted it to be even greater? (I know I have been guilty of that many times at Fellowship.)

When was the last time you missed out on the opportunity to party with some great people because you wanted to party with specific people only? (Some of you live constantly guilty of that one. Remember growing up people like that were called snobs.)

When was the last time you missed out on a party because it did not look like the party you would have planned for such an occasion? (You ever been to a redneck wedding?)

When was the last time you missed out on a party because you simply failed to value the magnitude of the occasion in life and failed to celebrate it?

Don’t fail to party in life. Party for the right reasons in the right ways at the right times. The truth is there are way more right reasons than we realize. There are way more right ways than we are willing to accept. And there are way more right times than we see. How about right now?

What could you celebrate in your life? Have a party. Invite God. Ask him to be the guest of honor. Invite everyone you know. And celebrate.

Watch for more lessons from the party life blogs and some challenges with the Party Series in the blog this week.

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