Do you get it?

This weekend the PARTY at Fellowship was awesome! The creative and praise teams did fantastic jobs. I want to give special thanks to Jonathan Ickles – even in your absence you led your teams well. Simeral – great job leading worship and stepping up to the challenge of the day. Todd and John – great job bringing energy, fun, and truth. Tracy Fetters – I don’t even know what to say, dude. Brandon Scott – the band was awesome. Jude McCoy – everything was perfect on screen. Shannon – for leading our greeters to get people prepped for the day. Jesus told us if we lift high his name on earth he will draw all men to himself. It takes hard work, creativity, and passion to lift high the name of Jesus on earth. We have to use everything we can here on earth to do that. And you did it. Thanks. Whether it was in a strobe light, a fog machine, a guitar, etc. it was all for his glory and truth. I can’t wait till next Sunday’s PARTY!

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about this Sunday because we had so much family coming in that is not accustomed to being in a church like ours. I was afraid they would hate it, but they did not – I don’t think.

Wendy’s granny was there. She loved it. She said something to me that will always stick with me. Fellowship, I really want you to listen to the wisdom of the statement that this 80 plus year old lady told me about our out-of-the-box approach to last Sunday’s worship service.

She was talking to me about the service and how great it was and how much she loved the truth that I taught and all the work we put in to teaching that truth and then she dropped the wisdom bomb…

Do whatever it takes to get them. If you don’t get them, hell does!

Wow, she gets it. That is my new mantra for teaching connecting the lost to the love of Christ. Many of you stepped up to connect to go this week and invited people who need the love of Christ to the party last Sunday. Do it again this week. If we don’t get them, hell does. People need to get connected to the love of Christ. You are connected to the love of Christ so GO and connect.

Do you get it?

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