Things I learned on vacation…

1. Being in the van driving makes me a mean, mean man. (OK maybe not that mean but a grouch all the same.)
2. My kids are way cool. (I already knew that, but it was cool to learn again.)
3. Wendy’s Uncle Jack in the midst of serious cancer treatments can still hit a golf ball 100 times better than I can perfectly healthy.
4. Having great friends to visit while traveling makes a good trip great.
5. Daniel gets motion sick.
6. Going to Six Flags all day and watching a baseball game that night might be too much in one day.
7. Finding cool deals on hotels you never heard of is worth the trouble searching around on the internet. (We have had 2 years in a row with completely awesome places to stay with a low per night cost.)
8. I really love spending time with my wife. (I already knew this one too, but it is great to relearn.)
9. Kara is afraid of absolutely nothing. (including roller coasters, water slides, or cars in the parking lot.)
10. Melanie is afraid of almost everything but will give most things a try any way because she trusts her father and mother. And she will tell you very honestly whether she will do it again or not.
11. Dads who have little girls afraid of roller coasters must not say this roller coaster is no big deal until they have ridden said roller coaster.
12. Little girls love their daddies and will forgive them for such roller coaster transgressions fairly easily if daddy is honest and apologizes.
13. I really hate driving long distances.
14. Hattiesburg, MS has a great buffet called the Farmer’s Market (or something like that.)
15. Myrtle Beach, SC has a really good buffet called the Giant Crab.
16. Kids don’t really dig history so much. (Nor does my wife.)
17. Once a kid has gotten motion sick at the theme park, driving down a winding curvy road fast is not a great idea for them.
18. Swim diapers dirtied in the hot tub are incredibly disgusting.
19. Myrtle Beach has great waves and clear water. If it were not so far away I would prefer it over Florida.
20. Having a GPS is cool while on a long trip, but it is not always right.
21. Pinnochio should only be watched so many times on the car dvd player while I am traveling in said car.
22. I miss worshipping at Fellowship when I am gone.
23. After about a week off, I do still have the ability to sleep late.
24. I love vacating my home and responsibilities for a break, but I also love returning to them.
25. God never takes a vacation because he never grows tired or weary. I want to be more like him, but I also am learning to appreciate who He is that I am not. I do get tired and weary and vacations help.

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