Getting the Just out of Justice

Do we ever do anything justice when we say just. Let me give you some examples to follow my thought.

When your wife asks you to fix something and you say I’m just gonna rig it up. Do you do it justice?
When your boss tells you what she wants done you and you think I’m just going to do it this way. Do you do it justice?
When you take on a ministry responsibility with certain expectations but you say I’m just going to do these things. Do you do it justice?

When we say I will just…we say I am going to the minimum standard set by me. We decide that we know what is the right standard and that is all we will do.

The problem is that just kills justice. Justice will never be found in the minimum requirements set by the person seeking to have minimum responsibility.

Think about how we pray. God if you will just… Basically we are saying to God, “God, if you will simply do what I have decided is best. I realize you are infinitely wiser and stronger than me but I have this issue all figured out. Just do what I decided. That is what would be best.”

Does that do God justice? He tells us to bring him our prayers and petitions with thanksgiving not with limitations. He tells us to bring our requests boldly into the throne room but we have to remember it is his throne room not ours.

I really believe that we need to get rid of just in our life. Quit looking for what you could just do and start asking God to show you what it would mean to bring justice to the gifts and abilities and opportunities he has given you. Quit looking for the minimum standard and start seeking to give everything you can.

Quit saying things like, “If we could just leave things like they have always been.” Or “I wish we could just go back to the way things used to be.” Or “I am just going to show up and do what I have to.” Or “I am just going to quit.” Or “I am just going to go and find another church.” Or “I am just going to do what I want no matter what my spouse says.”

Quit saying just or you will never do life justice. We have been given too much for us to just it away.

P.S. I am preaching on God is Just this Sunday and this idea is kind of a side thought that is consuming my thoughts that need to be on the truth to preach so I thought I would JUST blog it to get it out of my way. Quitting JUST is much harder than I thought.

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