Why Little Things Matter

Last night I chose to shake up my schedule and rearrange some ministry and spend the night with my Melanie (my 4 year old daughter) at a Cinderella Princess Night at the local library. It was a last minute change that I struggled with because I have something I do every Wednesday that is very important ministry wise. We were able to reschedule with everyone for the next night, but it bothered me to do it.

So Melanie and I were in a hurry leaving because before we could go I had to run by the church for a time of prayer with a family in our church. Melanie had to sit all dressed up in her Cinderella gown in my office by herself while I met with the family, but as always she did great. Then we went and met some of our best friends. Yesterday was Ainsley’s birthday. Melanie and Ainsley love each other in a way that is fun to watch as a parent. So we met Ainsley and her dad and went to the ball.

To be honest, the night at the library was a little under my expectations, but Melanie had a blast and I enjoyed being with her and our friends. We then took the girls out to eat at Cracker Barrel (because that is Ainsley’s favorite place). While there we got lots of comments about our princesses dressed up in the gowns. It was fun and we had a great time.

I realized the importance of that type of time with your kids after a sweet comment from a waitress. She asked about our two Cinderellas and then asked if we were the Prince Charmings. The answer was yes. I know that I need to show my daughter how a Prince Charming treats a lady so that when Prince Dead Beat comes around she is not interested in him. I also know that she is worth every moment I can give her.

Overall, the night was good and fun, but as I was riding 6 miles on my bike through the neighborhood this morning I was still thinking about not getting to go door to door in there last night because I had changed my plans. It was still bothering me. Was the change of ministry plans worth the night with my daughter?

Then I got to my desk ready to spend a busy day working toward the things God has me doing at Fellowship Church and on my desk was a drawing that my daughter drew while waiting for me to finish my meeting last night and take her to the ball. I have scanned it for you to see it.

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with very much…” Luke 16:10 a

Parents, we have some little things in our lives that are actually “very much”. Never lose sight of that. We can not put aside responsibilities in serving the Lord every time a family opportunity pops us but we also can not put aside our families every time a ministry opportunity pops up. Because they should both be both. Tonight my Cinderella will help me go door to door and invite kids from our neighborhood to Backyard Bible Club. And all the while this little drawing will be in heart.

Some times we can have it all!

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