Little World

My son has inherited from me a trait that makes going to school difficult. It is often called Attention Deficit Disorder. I grew up calling it daydreaming…and knowing it was a punishable offense if done at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Well, Daniel’s teacher told me during our parent-teacher conference that Daniel lives in his own little world.

The next evening I had some one on one time with Daniel and I asked him about his own little world. He then went on to tell me a little about his own little world. Then he said a few words that made me respect him more than I ever have.

He told me, “Dad sometimes it is sad in my own little world.”
I asked, “Why.” Meaning, why do you allow your little world to be sad, you control it.
Daniel replied, “Well sometimes I think about sad things. Like if something were to happen to Melanie or Kara. And in my own little world I tell God ‘Take me instead of them’….because I love them so much.”

He floored me. I had no idea how to respond to such an incredible and profound statement by my eight year old hero. So I tried hard not to cry in the restaurant we were having supper in and just told him I thought he was the greatest big brother anybody could ever have.

Well, that thought has been on my mind a great deal this week as we head into Good Friday and Easter. These verses have run through my head all week.

But God demonstrated his love for us in this…while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13.

Many people in our world completely reject the concept of such unconditional and underserved love. They refuse to believe in it. They refuse to trust and they refuse to allow it into their lives. I, for one, completely believe it and I fully trust it. I don’t doubt for one second that my eight year old son would lay his life down for his two little sisters. Not for one second do I think he would think twice about sacrificing himself for them. He is just that kind of kid.

Why do people refuse to believe that God is that kind of God? Why do so many fail to accept the truth that God is love? I think they are unwilling to see that truth and accept it because they cannot work out for themselves the difficulties of life lived in this fallen world.

But here is the thing…that is the whole point. God showed us…he demonstrated to us…he put into practice his love for us in the midst of our fallenness. In the midst of the worst of your life, Jesus gave you the best of his.

That is why we celebrate the awful events of this Friday as Good. They were not good for Jesus they were good for me. He did good for me because he loves me. They are good for me because they give me life.

So as you look around your own little world this week, I dare you to stop and see it from God’s point of you…and see how much he really loves you.

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