When the Tree is Green

“For if men do these things when the tree is green, what will happen when the tree is dry?” Luke 23:31

These are the words Jesus speaks right before he is crucified. He is speaking to the Daughters of Jerusalem who are weeping over the cruelty being brought upon Jesus. He foretells of a day it will better to have a barren womb than to give birth.

Now that we have this uplifting and inspiring moment defined, lets deal with depth of the statement Christ makes. The reality is that when we see tough times we never imagine tougher days. When things are not going the way we want them to go, we rarely consider how far they may go. Jesus is foretelling of a day in which humanity has such little regard for God and the things of God that it will be even worse than the day he was crucified.

I think this statement has powerful implications in our lives spiritually and practically. If men will do these types of things in a season in which the tree is green…meaning the tree is alive and bearing fruit…if men are evil in those days how much more evil will they be in the days of drought?

Let’s apply it to our lives a little.

For example…
If a man is a jerk when your love is new and fresh, he will not be a servant husband when your relationship is old and in a drought.
If a person cannot be obedient to God with their finances when they are blessed and have plenty, they will never be faithful in times of trouble.
If a person is too busy to be faithful to serve God when life is good and the blessings of family abound, they be unfaithful to God when times are hard.
If you don’t have time to spend with the Lord when the schedule is full because you have great opportunities, a lack of opportunity will not cause greater faithfulness.
If your run up piles of debt when you make little, you will not be a wise steward when you make much.

Basically, I am challenged by the fact that most often today the excuses (or reasons) I hear from people about why they believe they have little time, talent, and resources to be faithfully serve God with is because of all the blessings in their life.

They are too busy at work….or too busy with the family….or too busy buying new things…etc.

Well if we are unfaithful when the tree is green, how unfaithful will we be when the tree is dry?

Don’t allow the blessings of God in your life to cause a drought in your life.

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