Show yourself a Man

This quote is from 1 Kings 2:2. In this passage David is leaving his son, Solomon, final instructions on how to be a king. It starts with be strong and show yourself a man and leads into observing the ways of the Lord. I wonder what young Solomon thought it meant to show himself a man? Perhaps he was confused on this and that is why he ended up with over 1000 wives and concubines. I don’t think that is what was meant here, but we can confuse such things easily. The instructions that continue in this passage are a grave set of instructions for a young king with a lot of promise. Promise that is not really because of him. Promise that is because God made a promise to his Father. A promise that if your descendants will follow me you will never lack a king on the throne of Israel. What promise…what potential. Promise and potential always come with responsibility and stewardship. Israel’s kings and David’s descendants squandered that promise that potential running after other gods. Will you waste yours? (I hope all you Fellowshippers out there plan on being here Sunday. We will be discussing some needed decisions to squander promise and potential. We are in the place we are in because of faithfulness, but the influence we desire in this community will be the result of continued stewardship and responsibility. See you Sunday.)

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