The current of the world

I am spending Father’s Day at the beach with my family. Mom and Dad and my sister’s families. What a blessing.

We headed out for our first morning at the beach to find red flags up. It’s a warning that the current is strong.

Well we played in the water anyway…of course. But it did not take long for me to see the difference between the effects of the current on the kids and me. The current was strong indeed…dangerous even.

The Bible tells us to be “in this world yet not of this world”.

In is not the problem…of is.

I noticed that riding a wave in was more fun because of the strong current. Riding in is fun and everyone wants to do it over and over again.

It’s the pull out after the wave crashes and before the next one comes that gets us.

We are in the water but we cannot be of it. We cannot allow it to toss us to and fro.

But it will.

What did my children need in the strong current today…me. They needed their dad. To lift them when the wave was too big and to hold them when the current was too strong. Then…and only then…could they safely ride the waves.

You will always face strong currents in this world.

Who are you with?

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