Fools and Forgiveness

Have you ever had a conflict with someone that you felt reconciliation as possible and they refused to try?  It is in such moments that a person realizes that a friend was not a friend.  That a person they believed loved them did not actually love them.  It is in those painful moments in life that we learn some of the hardest lessons.  The problem is we learn the lesson, but we don’t learn what to do with that or how to feel about it.
Proverbs 14:9 says, Fools mock at making amends for sin, but goodwill is found among the upright.”
So a fool does not forgive.  But, why?  A fool does not forgive because a fool does not love.  The reason a fool does not love is because a fool lives his life about himself. 
Forgiveness and reconciliation is something to mock for a fool because it is not worth the time and the effort.  Why?  Because people are not worth their time and the effort.
It is more important to the fool that they get what they want or say what they want or do they want than any relationship.  The fool values people and relationships solely by the convenience and betterment that relationship offers to their own life at that time.
That is a fool.  We all know some.  We all love some.
So what do you do?  Love the fool but don’t live their foolishness.
Let them go.  Let them do their thing. Let them speak their lies and their nonsense.  It always catches up to them.  But don’t pray that upon them.  Pray grace upon them.  Pray wisdom for them.
Letting them go means allowing them to separate from you in life.  It will probably hurt.  But one who carries the company of fools is a fool.
So how do you foolproof your own life?  Don’t be a fool.  Start with you.
Seek out reconciliation and forgiveness whether you wronged them or whether they wronged you.  That’s a good start.
Also, read a proverb a day, it might just keep the fool within and the fools without away.

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