Love Big

Luke 10:25-37 teaches us we must LOVE BIG.
We must love the Lord our God with ALL our heart, soul, strength, and mind.  And because we love God with ALL we love ALL others as we do ourselves.
We often make a mistake when we think about loving big though.  It is common misperception.  This is a faulty line of thinking we have about marriage, parenting, and serving.
The faulty thinking is…I must DO big to love big.
Sometimes loving big is not in the big things at all.  Sometimes it is in the little things.
So love big today by doing what is needed whether big or small.
FCers, I encourage you to love BIG today by doing the little things for your neighbors.  Show up and help random strangers clean up their yard.  We might have some opportunities to go BIG into some of the areas that were affected worse by the storm in the days to come, but today you can love BIG right where you are.  People are gathering up at the church to go out today.  Show up and someone can tell you where to meet up.  Or just throw on your GO TEAM shirt and love on some neighbors by giving a helping hand with debris clean up.  If you need help call the church at 225-673-4735.

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