G Thanks Days 2 and 3

Got a little busy.  One thing I find is that being grateful toward others on days you are really busy and do not go out into the world at large as much are more difficult.  But here were my attempts the last couple of days.

The election workers…I did not bring them anything as I thought that might would be inappropriate and maybe not even allowed for them to take a “gift,” but I tried to express my gratitude for them providing a great service.

The pizza guy.  He makes the best pizza and is a great guy to visit with.  So glad this New Yorker brought New York style pizza to south Louisiana.  Love me some Omar at Roma’s Pizza.

Got to get busy on the thanks in the home front.  Some times its the small things.  Wendy “fixed” a ready made chicken from the super market yesterday.  Gave herself a negative comment on that in jest. I simply said, “Thanks for supper. It doesn’t matter who cooked it, you made sure we had it to eat.”  Something like that.  Try to appreciate the little things.  A yummy supper served hot did not fix it self.  I followed the meal up by cleaning the kitchen which is a normal nightly activity for me, but I hope it says thanks for supper every time I do it.

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