Chaos and Calendars

Christmas is chaotic for most of us.  As I discussed in the last blog chaos is the result of confusing “get to” and “got to.”  Chaos is an emotion as often as it is a reality. 
In Ephesians 5:15-17 we are taught some great Biblical principles for life when it comes to time.
1.     Live intentionallynot reactively
Be very careful then how you live (or another translation is walk.)  Not as unwise but as wise.  Making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.
A person who is careful about how they live is intentional about how they live.  When we live reactively we make poor choices.  Living intentionally means thinking about what is ahead and not just what is now. 
2.     Look honestly not deceptively.
Therefore do not be foolish.
A fool is person who knows better and acts anyway.  We must come to grips with the fact that the heart is deceptive above all things.  Your heart and your emotions will get you into a world of chaos in a heartbeat.  Living by our heart feels right though.  We must learn to see ourselves honestly and not deceptively.  I will have another blog in the series to address the honest view of oneself in relationship to time management.  Do not deceive yourself into thinking you are making the best choice because it feels good, often the best choices feel difficult.
3.     Understanding prevents underestimating.
understand what the Lord’s will is.
This is an odd wording in Greek.  It is the command, “Understand!”  Understanding is not something you can really command of someone.  Telling my child “understand!” does not make them understand…communication and time makes them understand.  We understand because we intend to…because we purpose to.  Choose to understand. When we understand we do not underestimate.  In relationship to time we stop underestimating the time something takes and we stop underestimating the value of our time.  This last truth is a big one for leaders, parents, and others in places of responsibility.  Sometimes your time is valuable to others not because they need you there but because your being there says what they are doing is valuable.  Show up!
The last principle I draw from this passage is the principle that really pulls it all together.  That will be the next blog.

Are you living by intention or by reaction?
Are you looking at yourself honestly or deceptively?
Are you striving to understand or are you okay with underestimating?

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