Honesty, Time, and Me

Look honestly not deceptively at your life and choices.  Remember the heart is deceptive.  Just because something feels right does not make it right.
Are you a higher capacity or lower capacity person?
Capacity has nothing to do with capability.  Lower and higher capacity people are capable of great success in life, but they must go about achieving it differently.
The higher capacity person thrives with a full calendar and busy schedule.  The lower capacity person thrives when they have some breaks in their schedule.  A person with a full schedule does not always get more done.  Are you being effective and efficient?
Which type of person are you? When you get busy, do you talk and complain about how busy you are and how you feel like you have no time for yourself and your family?  If yes, you are lower capacity.  This is honest not harsh.  (Understand means know thyself.)
Make the decision that makes the decisions.
Lower capacity face this danger.  You say yes to less important things.  You get worn down.  Then you live by reaction instead of intention and you bail on the wrong thing.  This is a mistake leaders and their families cannot make very often before they lose credibility.
When you say yes to the wrong things you say no to the right things.
Higher capacity people make the same mistake but usually are completely unaware they bailed on something or someone.  They are so busy doing one thing they fail to even see the other thing.
The dark side for the leader is that the lower capacity leader (and family) end up saying no to the people they lead when they should have said yes while the higher capacity leader (and family) end up saying no to their family when they should have said no to the people they lead.
Which are you?
Live by intention or you will live by reaction.

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