Relational Material

Matthew 6 will be the focus for a couple of upcoming blogs.  There is a life principle found in this passage that can literally change your home.  It is one of those principles that can be life-altering if you will apply it correctly and consistently.
The principle comes from the reality that we can only have one master…we can only serve God or money…but not both.  The reality that we must choose first to serve the Kingdom of God and that choosing second to do that is choosing not to do it at all.  The fact that we must choose first the righteousness of Christ because putting it second means not having it at all.
Life is not all grey like we like to say.  In reality some of it is very black and white.  At least the priorities and principles behind it, but the applications can get a little smudged…a little grey.  So let’s start with the principle.
This is a principle for dealing with money.  It is the principle to guide us into serving God and not money.
Choose the relational over the material.
This is a dangerous principle in that it can be easily misapplied.  It is a principle you can only apply to yourself.  You cannot apply this to others.  You cannot tell your spouse, get me what I want, choose the relational over the material.  Your children cannot say, get me what I want, choose the relational over the material.
The first relationship is always God.  Serve God…not money.  Seek his kingdom FIRST.  Seek his righteousness FIRST.  (I will publish a different blog asking some pointed questions about what that looks like this week.)
If the first relationship is not right the second one will not be right…nor the third…the fourth…the 100th.
I am learning how to apply this principle in family life and want to give you some practical pointers…
1.  Do not break the budget.
You must first make a budget to break a budget.  When you break the budget you choose the material over the relational.  Your spouse and you have made a loving agreement to handle finances in a certain manner.  When you choose to not follow it you put that purchase above that person. 
2.  Do not blow up or blow out of proportion.
You must not blow up over money or blow financial decisions out of proportion.  That is choosing the material over the relational.  When you do this you say to your spouse, “I would rather be right about the money than right with you.” 

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