Three Next Step Issues – Issue 1

A few more thoughts from Acts 9:1-19 and the story of Saul and Ananias about taking the next step in our lives.

Here is the first of three issues we all must face about our Next Step…

The Grip of the Past.

Both Saul and Ananias had to make a decision about their present in spite of the past…and so do you. Whether your past is positive or negative, if you view the past in correctly you will not make the right decisions concerning your next step in life.

The Past is passed…let it pass.

Quit lying about it.
Saul never lied about his past. He told the truth. He was the chief among sinners yet he believed he was living in righteousness and was zealous for God. He had been wrong.

Quit hiding from it.
Ananias did not hide from the reality of what Saul had come to do in Damascus. He believed God and went face to face with a man that came their to imprison people like him. No need to hide from the past when Jesus is The Lord of it.

Quit living in it.
We no little about Ananias and much about Saul who became Paul. Saul had to quit living in the law he had committed his life to learn and live and live in a grace he had never believed was true. To live in grace and forgiveness he had to choose to not live by law and judgment. Quit living in your past. Whether it is positive or negative. Trying to pretend today is positive because yesterday was will make tomorrow negative.

Keep stepping forward.

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