Three Next Step Issues – Issue 2

The Gripe of the Present.

Saul and Ananias had reasons to gripe. Saul could have griped against The Lord about him being blinded by God. (was the really necessary, God?) But he did not. He chose to fast for 3 days and wait upon The Lord. When The Lord moved he chose baptism before breakfast. Confession before concessions. He wanted God more than grub.

Ananias did gripe…briefly though. He said, God do you know who Saul is? You sure about this God. That is one bad dude. Then he heard from The Lord and obeyed.

Do not allow your desire for what is next to disillusion you about what is now.

Next is Now.

If you want a positive next you have to move in a positive now. If you want a next full of grace and truth you have to live in that grace and truth now.

How do we disillusion ourselves about now?

We typically make things out to be bigger and badder than they really are. Both in a positive and negative way. We see everything as great when there is still more to do or we see all as lost when there is still hope on the horizon.

Griping about now will never make a greater next.

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