Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs are not optimal but they are also not optional.

This truth is discussed with elegance and brutal honesty in Ecclesiastes 3:1-15. This passage will be the text for this Sunday’s sermon and the base truth of a 5 week series we are kicking off at both campuses of Fellowship Church.

Maybe you are down right now…maybe you are up…maybe your family is down…maybe your family is up…maybe…

We like to think all downs are the result of failures so that we can avoid them, but the truth is that some downs are facts not failures.

So, what do we with them? How do we live out faith and hope when the facts of life cause hope to be hard to hold onto and faith seem far away?

Join us Sunday as we learn together. You can find service times and locations at

Perhaps you received a link of this blog from a friend via email or social media.  I hope you take that as your friend expressing concern for you.  They are also expressing compassion towards you about the things you are facing in life and their desire to encourage you in whatever season you are in.

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