You’re Next

Being next means not being now.
The biggest issue most people have with being next is being second.
Being next for someone is an intentionality everyone needs but few people pursue.  Having mentors and leaders in your life is never accidental it is always intentional.  You must choose those relationships and you must foster them.  Most people today would like to have them but they have this misconception that the onus is completely on the mentor to make the relationship and connection happen.  Not so. 
These truths come out of the life of Apollos as recorded in Acts 18 in the New Testament of the Bible. 
Four character traits necessary to be Next for Somone:
1.  Teachability
     Teachability always trumps talent.
            Everyone has a certain level of talent, but no matter how talented a person is, what causes success is the level at which they are teachable.  Whether it is professionally, athletically, or spiritually, anybody is capable of wasting talent.  Are you willing to maximize yours?  Stay teachable.
2.  Availability
     Value in makes for value out.
     If you want to be next for someone, make their life more full not more filled.
            Your goal is not to fill a busy and successful person’s calendar.  You should strive to free their calendar.  Add into what they are doing so they can have the freedom to add into who you are becoming. Make their life full, not their calendar filled.
3.  Accountability
If you ask for the investment, pay the price.
            Don’t ask for someone else to invest in your life and then be too cheap with your time and effort to honor their investment.  Successful people do not have time and resources to waste on someone who willingly wastes their investment.  Pay the price and be held accountable.
4.  Honesty
     Ask questions.
     They might know the answers, but typically they forgot the questions.
            It’s a very simple reality really.  The person who can most help you go through what you are going through has already gone through it successfully.  The issue is they often do not remember what they struggled with exactly during those days of their life.  So ask questions, it will bring out the answers they learned as you remind them of the questions they forgot.

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