You have a storyline.  It is beautiful, powerful, and personal.  Personal, however, does not mean private.  Followers of Jesus have the call and command to share the good news we have in Jesus with the world around us.  What better way to do that than by sharing the story of your redemption.

The following questions and thoughts come out of our Storylines series.  This is a simple tool to help you write out your storyline so that you can share with others the majesty of Jesus…your Redeemer.

What was the conflict in your life that caused you to realize your desperation for God?
Where were you in life?  What was happening in your life?  Why did you realize, “I need a Redeemer?”

What happened to cause you to put your trust in God?  Have you done this?
What was the event WHO was involved?  WHO is the WHO in the storyline of your redemption?  WHO did God use to help you come to him?

What has God done in your life since?  What is He doing now?
Redemption is momentary the process of redemption is eternal.  How has your life changed and how is it changing?  What God is doing NOW speaks volumes.

I challenge you to write it out and make it brief.  A 3-minute version of your storyline, speaking the power and promise of your Savior.  People need to hear the Good News.  You have it.  You are a result of it.  Tell somebody your story today.

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