Who belongs to who?

Minor confessions lead to major change.
This summer’s sermon series is The Minors.  We are taking a journey through the Minor Prophets of the Old Testament.  These men spoke faithful words into desperate times. 
Desperate times caused by disobedient people.  There is no greater weakness in the human condition than our inability or unwillingness to acknowledge the desperation is most often caused by our own decisions.  Ultimately this was the spiritual condition that the Minor Prophets spoke into.
God’s People had committed idolatry (worshiping false gods) over and over again.  They continued to return to this sin because they believed they could get what they wanted from these gods.
God had established a covenant with his people spoke of in 2 Chronicles 7:12-22.  God reminds the Nation of Israel they are “his people called by His name.” 
We belong to God.  The spiritual condition that leads to idolatry is one we all struggle with…control.  We do not want to belong to God.  We want a god that belongs to us.  This way we are in control of right and wrong and good and bad.
Returning to God from a place of personal pride and idolatry requires humility, prayer, relational restoration, and repentance.  God promises that he will hear us and that he will healus both personally and corporately…if we will return to Him.
What minor confession, today, will prevent a major catastrophe tomorrow?
Who will you confess to and with?  To God?  With brothers and sisters in Christ?
Will you find accountability and hope in Christ and His Church?

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