Relentless Love

Hosea is an intriguing book.  God commands this prophet to marry a prostitute.  Little is known of Gomer, his wife, other than she continues to be unfaithful to him.  We do not know her background or her past pain that led her into such a lifestyle.  Eventually Gomer ends up enslaved as a prostitute again and Hosea purchases her freedom again.  Hosea went after her time and time again.
God’s love is relentless.
This story between Hosea and Gomer is the backdrop for the prophecies of Hosea concerning the Nation of Israel.  God’s people had been unfaithful to him by committing idolatry (worshiping false gods) over and over again. 
Our rebellion, in the face of God’s love, is ridiculous.
In Hosea God declares, “I desire mercy not sacrifice and acknowledgment of God more than burnt offerings.”  The problem was that Yahweh’s people were living as if they were being faithful to him by doing the religious acts he had commanded of them, yet their lives were full of unfaithfulness.
Repentance and restoration to Himself was God’s desire.  Yahweh wanted his people to live in right relationship with him again.  Repentance requires returning to God with the right words for the right reasons.  Often we give the religious pretense that we are returning to God, but we actually only regret the circumstancesour sin has caused.  God desires to change our character more than our circumstances. 
Regret is circumstantial.  Repentance is relational.
We must desire to return to the Lord.  Our repentance is an outgrowth of love for Christ.  Our desire should be to know God not to simply experience the benefits of God.
I encourage you to be relentless in your response and return to God…and in your restorationby God.  Be relentless in your commitment to know him deeply and personally.  Be relentless in walking in righteousness.  Do not allow one failure to cause many.  Be relentless in experiencing his restoration by making yourself fully and completely available to God.

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