Feed the Naked

This is the worst line in my preaching…ever.  Also, the funniest.

Two Sundays ago, while teaching on parenting, I asked if your children obey you how does that cause them to obey Jesus?  Then I said If your children obey you this week will they feed the naked?
Obviously, I meant feed the hungry to be followed by clothe the naked.  But that is not what I said.  I encourage you to NOT allow your kids to feed the naked.  That is a terrible idea.
But I do encourage you to take seriously the challenges of what it takes to build Christ-following into your parenting and family life.  Literally obedience and honor to you should require obedience and honor to Jesus.
There are things that you are leading your children to do that because they obey you they obey Jesus.  Your lifestyle should cause your children to honor Jesus because they honor you.
Here are some practical ideas on how to do that.
1.  Feed the…hungry.  
Literally be a part of feeding hungry people.
2.  Clothe the naked.
Literally give your clothes to those who cannot afford them.  Build a relationship with a single mom raising kids that needs the help and give them clothes…used and new.
3.  Hide the Word of God in your heart as a family.  
This means memorize Scripture together.
4.  Do not forsake the assembly of the saints.
Participate in the life of your church faithfully and regularly.
5.  Give thanks in all things.
Every day be thankful together.  Thank God for your blessings.
Just 5 ideas.

Today I told my son what to do in a relationship.  I said what you need to do is…  So today he is showing love to someone that is not that easy to love.  Obeying me should mean loving others…even those difficult to love.

Leave a comment with some more ideas on how to do this practically.

One thought on “Feed the Naked

  1. Learn community within your neighbors and lost friends. Purposely invest time in them and not always invite over your Christian friends. Teach your kids to be leaders and that sometimes its ok not to be in the “norm” of what everyone else is doing or into!

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