Unjust Justice

Justice is an easy concept to have an opinion on but a rather difficult reality to establish.  The problem with justice is that we all have an opinion.  Justice does not exist unless a standard exists first.
The Lord detests dishonest scales, but accurate weights find favor with him.  Proverbs 11:1
God detests skewed scales.  Modern culture is in love with relativity and a misconception of the concept of tolerance.  Tolerance is no longer tolerating.  It has been turned into forces approval. 
The root cause is that we have skewed scales.  We judge people, not by a standard, but by the situation.  Honestly, not even by the situation, but by the emotion that situation causes within us.  The loss of absolute truth is one of the most damaging cultural realities of the last 50 years.
We, as Bible-believers, have an issue demanded us about justice.  We are to love justice.  We are to do justice.  We are to establish justice.  Yet, often, we fail too.  Often our problem is not a lack of a standard but a lackadaisical approach to the application of it.
Here is what I think is the root cause of injustice.  Injustice, for the average person, is not intentional, it is emotional.  I believe we have this emotional struggle.
1.     We believe we deserve credit for all our good.  And no penalty or consequence for all our bad.
2.     We believe that bad people (according to us) should receive all punishment for their bad, but no credit for their good.

This is not justice.  Justice rewards each accordingly and accurately.  So the root problem we have with justice is that without a standard it is all up to us.  We are not nearly absolute enough for such a job…none of us.
But there is ONE who is Righteous.

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