How to Win: The Price of Success

In the beginning of Joshua 5, we learn that the people that live in the land the Israelites have just entered are in great fear of them because God parted the Jordan River.  There was an expectation of greatness and victory.

The price of victory is success.  Success is both a reward and a price.
The more you win the more you are expected to win.  The more you do the more you are expected to do.  It affects jobs, marriages, churches, faith, and friendship.  This is a fact of life.  My wife, my children, my church, and my staff expect a great deal from me.  This expectation is not just built on who I should be; it is the result of who I have been.  You either keep paying the price or quit experiencing the rewards.  Success is costly.
The story continues on from my last blog post and the people of Israel celebrate Passover.  This festival reminds them of God’s work to deliver them from slavery in Egypt.  As a result of this obedient act of celebration, they lose their food source, manna.  Manna is literally bread from heaven that God has miraculously supplied his people for 40 years.  Now, however, they are in the land promised to them.  A land that flows with milk and honey and has plenty of produce.  They no longer need the manna.  
Winning means no longer receiving what you no longer need.
Walking in God’s promises today often means abandoning yesterday’s provisions.
We live in a day and age when people often begrudge no longer getting what they never deserved.  Whether it is a government subsidy or a personal pleasure in life, people learn to expect more than they appreciate the things that are often theirs by grace.  Be willing to let go of what you no longer need.  God has more for you.  It might mean it is time to work the land instead of pick up easy bread, but in the end, it is a much greater promise he has for you.
Winners stop seeking the emotions of past successes and seek the provision for current ones.
Quit trying to re-create the experiences of your past.  Do you really want a marriage like day one?  You want the same salary and housing that came with that season of life?  Find fresh love and new connection with your spouse in life as it is now.  
Quit trying to re-create spiritual experiences of when you got saved by jumping from church to church looking for a new or fresh experience.  Live out your faith where God has you and seek Him.
Winners stop seeking the victory and start seeking the Victor.
Jesus has already won.  Seek him, not just the benefits you desire from him.

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