How to Win: Stepping In

I am going to backtrack and pick up where I failed to blog about the message from Joshua 3 and 4.  In these chapters, Joshua lead the people of God across the Jordan River.  The command of God was that the priests would take the Ark of the Covenant (a heavy wooden, gold covered box with holy relics in it that represented the presence of God in their midst) into the Jordan River…and THEN…he would part the waters.

The priests had to take the Ark into the water to see something happen.  This is odd to me.  I think carrying heavy boxes into water is not the way you get across them, it is the way you drown in them.  Yet they obeyed and stepped in.
Step in.
You must step into it before you can step out of it.

Whatever “it” is in your life.  An addiction.  A marriage problem.  A problem with your children.  Financial struggles.  You have to step in.
We so often never experience victory because we avoid the struggle all together.  We refuse to get our feet and robes muddy and wet and therefore we never see God’s deliverance.  We stand at the shores and demand of God, “Part the waters and I will walk forward.”  And God is saying, “Walk forward and I will part the waters.”
In most situations in life, we are much more interested with getting though something than going through something.  We want out…not in.  Faith means we trust God by stepping in…not just by stepping out.

But remember, God goes first.
The Ark of the Covenant was first…the literal presence of God in their midst.  God has gone before you.  He has conquered death, sin, and the grave.  FOLLOW HIM.
Expect the Victory.
Often we lose because we expect to.  Quit expecting a God that can do anything to do nothing.
Expend the Obedience.
Victory is costly. 
Experience the Power.
The order here matters.  The power comes along the path of obedience.

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