Doing Work

Doing work is something we do.  Some of us do it out of passion and purpose and others of us out of obligation and duty.  Meaning some find joy in it, while others find misery from it.

What does the Bible have to say about work?  Why do we have to do it?  What is its purpose?  Is it a good thing in Creation or a result of the fall of Creation?

That is what we will be examining in the next 4 weeks in #Doing Work at Fellowship.  We will discuss God’s purposes, his plans, his creation, and the discipline of rest.  Work will address your job you get paid for and the many more you do not.  We all have life duties and responsibilities (or work, if you would) we must do.

I want ask you a couple of questions for brain fuel between now and Sunday.  If someone were to look back at your social media accounts over the past year, what would they say is your opinion of work?

Do you begrudge the Monday Blues?
Do you sing the Hump Day song?
Do you yell TGIF weekly?
Do you complain and bemoan work?

We live in a culture with an increasing negativity towards work and a growing reward system for not doing it.  The younger generation believes their work is worth 10 fold what they have accomplished and the older generation is tired of carrying the weight.

More and more work is a negative necessity.  I believe God desires to redeem work.  God has good for you in His plans.  There is grace and purpose and passion and…even fun.

Are you willing to allow God to give you His view of what you do?
That change of view might change your whole life.

See you Sunday.

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