Run Harder…with me

Today I conquered a recent obstacle…the eight mile run. I have for some reason struggled to get back to this distance. Today I set out to the levee to run. I stopped by the church and saw my friend Chris Ladd. He is a strong runner and said he wanted to run with me. 

So we took off. I finished eight miles strong. The last mile especially. 
You see Chris has been an elite distance runner. He pushed me in three ways:  Encouraging words, Pace, and Technique. 
All 3 helped make the difference. In life, in faith, and in work we all need these things. 
I actually have struggled to go the distance because I am stubborn about pace. I want to maintain my 5 mile pace. Today I was off of that by around 30 seconds but I made it. Listen to the wisdom of others on pace. Some of you need to speed up; others slow down. 
The technique on how to finish helped. I was able to push through because I pushed different.
The encouragement made all the difference in the world though. “You can.” “Push through it.” “Great pace” “Keep it up” “Almost there” etc.
Find people in your life that speak these things and be this person in the lives of others. Honestly I feel as a pastor I have recently been speaking pace and technique well but without enough encouragement. Today’s long run helped me remember the importance of the words that change nothing yet change everything. That is what encouragement is. 
I commit myself to encourage more. What about you?  Who needs to hear words that change nothing yet everything?
Thanks for the life lesson Chris, you will be missed but supported. 

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