A Square One Parable from Disney World

After a long time of saving, my wife and I were finally able to have the opportunity to take our 3 boys to Disney World last month. It was an amazing time for making memories for our family.

One memory, and ultimately a constant reminder, comes from my boy Isaac (our 3 year old). My 39″ tall 3 year old rode on EVERY ride he was able to. Let me explain why this is a big deal. I have vivid memories of my childhood going to amusement parks with my dad, and him begging me to ride the rides. I would cry (and he would laugh…in a loving way).  I was probably 13 years old. (Please, no comments).

Back to Isaac. He is THREE! And he rode EVERYTHING he was allowed to.

Ride after ride, he would stay close to me in line. He would stay quiet. Then, right as we were to get on the ride, he would lean up toward me and say “Dad, I have to go potty.”  I’m no fool. I would tell him we would go immediately after the ride. You see, I knew he was making an excuse. He was afraid. He wouldn’t come out and say that, but he was uncertain. He didn’t know what was about to happen. For all he knew, literal pirates with real swords, shooting real cannons would be commandeering our little ship. By all accounts, he knew he was about to be in a hopeless situation.

But he went anyway.

He sat by me on every ride. He didn’t say a word. He’d put one hand in his mouth (nervous habit) and put his other hand on my leg.  When moments were tense, he squeezed. He never changing his gaze. He never showed the fear on his face that was expressed in his hands.

Amazingly after every ride, Isaac would look at me and smile. “Dad, that was my NEW FAVORITE ride!” I think he did it more in relief that he was still alive after it was over. On the last day there, I was so impressed with his courage that I finally asked Isaac why he still insisted on going on the rides even if he was so afraid. Why would he not admit his fear and stay back?

He looked up, full of hope and knocked me back with these words: “Cause you’re with me dad.” When things were uncertain and hopeless, he trusted me.

I was just reminded what childlike faith looks like.

God does some of His best work in hopeless situations. While life is uncertain, Jesus is not. While our power is limited, God is limitless. While we can be shaken, He is the rock. 

When Jesus is the Cornerstone, our response is worship.

For me, worship is not a job or a hobby, it’s not what I do for fun when I could be sleeping in on a Sunday morning. I don’t sing because I like to, I sing because I am compelled to. I am compelled because I am filled with possibility and hope and blessed assurance that this life is not all there is.  And everything I have in this life is His. I have passion for what Christ has done on the cross, and for how he saved me, profoundly and personally.  It isn’t something I do on my off-time; I live to worship – in my mornings, throughout my days, as I go to bed.

Maybe there are moments where I have to tighten the grip of my hands to admit my fear, but my gaze remains constant. My resolve is true. My eyes are constantly fixed on Jesus and I will worship. What about you?

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