Square One and Standards – Question 1

Is Jesus Square One in your life?

Jesus is, not only first, he is the foundation of life.

Life is not simply better because we put him first in priorities we control, but life is changed because Jesus is the foundation of our life. Questions often about arise when, where, and how are lives should are different because of faith in Christ.

I will use several blogs this week to answer some questions the people of Fellowship asked about the Square One life.  Here is the first question.

1.  What does righteousness look like today?

Righteousness looks like Jesus.

Jesus is the Righteous One.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever that means righteousness has never changed, nor will it.  Often people see the laws and rules of the Old Testament as inapplicable to life today.

Jesus tells us “he came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it.”  He goes on to say that not one “iota or dot should be removed from the Law.”  (Read Matthew 5:17-20 for this complete thought)  Jesus did not lower the standard of righteousness to us; he raised us to the standard of righteousness through himself.

The fulfillment of the Law is both accomplished and yet to be completed.  Some of the Law (primarily about cleanliness and worship requirements) have been completely fulfilled in Christ.  The moral laws are still to be fulfilled in the return of Christ.  The Law being fulfilled has allowed for more freedom from immediate consequence to sin, but not the eternal reality of sin.

In Philippians 3:8-11 we learn that we have a “righteousness not our own.”  We have a righteousness that comes through Christ.  Our sins have been “imputed” (or put) upon Christ and His righteousness has been “imputed” (or put) upon us.

What does that mean?  Picture it this way.  If your sins and wrongs were seen as visible stains  and tears on the nice clean “t-shirt” that you were born with, at some point in your life it would become a shirt of no value.  It would be stained, torn, and tattered beyond its intended purpose.  Now picture this, on the cross, Jesus Christ took upon himself your t-shirt and gave you his own.  His is still clean and pristine.  Future sins and failures cannot change it nor remove it from you.  His righteousness is stain-proof.  Jesus is sovereign over death, life, and the grave.

Righteousness looks like it always has.  It looks like Christ Himself.

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