Square One Standards – Question 2

How do you approach people who think they are “good” – they are a Christian but don’t seem to have a real relationship that impacts how they live?

It takes a few key points of obedience.

1st – Love.  You must love this person enough to approach them about their sin.  You must love them enough to desire their restoration to Christ above all other things you desire for them or from them.  You must love them enough to examine yourself and your motives before bringing their sin before them.  Don’t deal with their “splinter” while ignoring your own “plank.”

Speak the truth in LOVE.

2nd – Patience.  You must have a long view toward relationships in Christ.  Presenting a sin issue to another follower of Christ is not a microwave ministry.  It is a slow cooker type of process.  You must allow the time for the Holy Spirit to do the work of convicting someone of sin and righteousness.  It is not your job.  You might even find out that you were not right.

Forgive 70 times 7.

3rd – Steadfastness.  As patience is to time, steadfastness is to intentionality.  Are you willing to put in the work to help another follower of Christ walk in obedience to Christ in an area they struggle in?

Bear one another’s burdens.

These are 3 key issues to dealing with sins of others.  Your heart must always be their restoration to Christ.



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