A Heart Beyond

A little tension is good for the soul. Wrestling with conviction and truth is necessary for growth. Growth is stunted when leaders (or parents) work to reduce needed tension in the lives of those they lead and love. It is in these moments that leaders, like parents, hold things in their heart that are not easily seen or heard.

Psalm 62 talks about things that are “good.” Good, in this verse, does not mean morally right, but instead speak to be in “good order” or “appropriate.” These “good” truths express important things I pray are true in the lives of those I lead.

1. It is good to GIVE THANKS.
Giving thanks is not just sentimental; it is practical. As a person considers what they would give, they must first consider what they have. This tension is good. It requires us to be thankful. Giving obediently to the Lord for the cooperative work of the Gospel is an act of thankfulness that many miss out on. When people choose to not be generous, they eventually cease to be thankful. (I, in now way, believe all generosity should be to the church. I believe each of us should be generous individually.) If we do not have seasons where we wrestle with giving, we take for granted having. We become people who are thankful solely for what we get (which leads to the selfish desire to always get more). Giving helps us remain grateful for having.

Giving thanks is worshiping gratefully for God’s good work in your life.
He has been good and gracious to you. He has given you so much grace and so much good. Worship him gratefully.

2. It is good to SING PRAISE.
It is good to sing praise even if you sing like me. Sunday night someone had to move away from sitting in front of me because I was so bad, but it’s still good to sing praise. I know how to make a noise joyfully. He who is worthy of praise is worthy of service. The tension between receiving and serving is a healthy tension because it requires one to remember the goodness of the one we serve. Being challenged to serve requires us to consider why we serve who we serve. Singing words of praise to One you refuse to serve is not act of worship, it is an act of dishonesty. Sing praise to the One you serve.

Singing praise is worshiping expressively for the goodness of God Himself
We sing praise because of who God is, not because of what God does. Praise is appreciation for his character, not just his conduct you benefit from.

3. It is good to Declare Love.
It is good to declare the love and faithfulness of the Lord to the world. Sharing our faith is such an important aspect of living a life beyond ourselves. Declaring the love, grace, and truth of Christ to others is necessary in a life of healthy faith in Jesus. Wrestling with the tension we experience when sharing our faith is healthy and good. We declare his love and faithfulness because He his love is overwhelming and his faithfulness is all consuming. Consider it more. Declare it more.

Worship by speaking of God’s goodness for the good of others.
Speak the goodness of God in our daily lives. Speak the love and faithfulness of the Lord with those that share that conviction with you and with those that do not.

At Fellowship we have asked people to consider three important aspects of living beyond themselves: serving, sharing, and giving. I pray the tension we feel in our minds leads to convictions of soul spoken by the Holy Spirit.

Give Thanks, Sing Praise, Declare Love for He, and He alone, is worthy!

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