GO Global – Mission Trip to South Africa

Fellowship Church is excited to announce a mission trip to South Africa to work with Chris Ladd and Children’s Cup.

The trip will be September 9 – 18, 2014. The total cost is $3200; however, Fellowship Church would like to pay $1000 for each person to help make the trip more affordable. This means that the cost will be $2200, of which $500 is due on June 11, 2014 as a deposit. A second deposit of $1000 will be due by July 9, 2014. The remaining $700 will be due in August.

If you are not positive that you will be able to pay the full $2200 but are very interested in participating in this trip, please sign up and get information. We will discuss various means of reaching the $2200 goal.

Other needs for this trip:

* Trip application and other paperwork

* Valid passport with at least 3 blank visa pages – must not expire within 6 months of end of trip

* Approved Physician’s Release

This will be a great trip that will hopefully begin a long term relationship with the people of South Africa. Please pray about sacrificing to participate in this trip.  For more information, contact the Fellowship Church Office.


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