Thankful? Today is a day we celebrate Giving Thanks. It is a national holiday built around remembering that we have much to be thankful. It is rooted in a celebration of the settlers being helped by the native population. It is a celebration of receiving what you are desperate for from someone capable of helping.

It is an unpopular thought in our culture today to consider oneself desperate for anyone or anything. Desperation is a sign of weakness to the majority of us. Yet, truth is, it takes a great deal of strength, character, and humility to declare your need for another.

The #thankfulforJesus challenge I gave Fellowship this week is for us to take time to consider who Jesus is. We are thankful for Jesus because of who he is, not just because of what he has done for us. Jesus has done because Jesus is.

I challenge you to consider these truths and be thankful…
1. We need Jesus.
Ephesians 2:1 reminds us that sin causes death. We are dead in our sinfulness. We deserve hell. Hell is our deserved reality, not simply because of how bad we are, but because of how holy He is. Grace does not just make life better. Grace makes life.
2. Jesus is ALL we need.
Colossians 1:15-20 is a great reminder of the greatness of who Christ is. Jesus IS the firstborn from the dead. He lives and, therefore, we can live.
If today you had nothing but Jesus, would you be thankful?
3. Thankfulness must be expressed.
Appreciation is gratitude that gets out. Where there is no expression, there is no appreciaiton.
One day “every knee will bow and every tongue will confesss that Jesus Christ is Lord.” On that day there will be no choice. That act of worship, which every person will experience, will either be a day of great joy or a day of great dismay. Today you have the opportunity and ability to choose to worship Jesus because He is worthy.

Being #thankfulforJesus is more than about today, the Day of Thanksgiving, it is more than about Sundays and times of planned expression. #thankfulforJesus is a lifestyle of gratitude. Be thankful for Jesus in what you do, what you say, and how you serve others in the name of Jesus.

Be thankful for Jesus…and him above EVERYTHING else…and you will be properly thankful for the rest of it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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