Uptown “Spiritual” Funk

Sorry, had to reference the song.

Lent season is a big deal around these parts. What can I give up to be closer to God? But honestly, what you give up doesn’t change the funk you may be in UNLESS you put on more of Jesus.

Are you in a funk? Here is a list I reference when I am in a spiritual funk. I have had this list for some time that has helped me. You might want to…

-Pray out loud.
-Write your prayer out.
-Read your Bible out loud.
-Apologize to someone.
-Talk to someone you trust.
-Start eating better.
-Drive around listening to a sermon.
-Turn up some worship music really loud. Shut the door. Sing along.
-Go back and do the thing you know you were supposed to do.
-Get organized.
-Encourage somebody who would never expect it.
-Get back in church. Serve somewhere.
-Quit complaining.
-Go on a date with your wife.
-Tell somebody thank you.
-Give some money away.
-Call on the name of Jesus.
-Remember how far He’s brought you.
-Realize that He’ll never ever leave you.

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