THE ROAD: Scripture and Prayer Guide: Day Four


THE ROAD to and from the Cross was a brutal and beautiful journey. Jesus willingly chose to lay down his life. His life was not taken from him; his life was given by Him. This week I challenge you to consider the truths of the Gospel imparted to us because of Christ’s willingness to travel this road. This Scripture guide is adapted from A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent. It is a good read and I recommend it.

God’s gifts are all of grace, and there is nothing we can do to earn them. However, the wise believer (follower of Christ) will live in a position where God’s gracious gifts are rightly and regularly experienced.

I pray this guide will help you position yourself this week before the Lord with a right heart, spirit, mind, and body. Please take the time to look up the Scriptures and ponder them. Meditate on the Word of God.


The Gospel is not just a message of reconciliation with God, but it proclaims the reconciliation of all believers to one another in Christ. When God saves us, He made us members of His household, and He gave us as gifts to one another. Each brother and sister in Christ is a portion of my inheritance from God, and I am a portion of their inheritance as well.

Ephesians 1:18, 2:19, 5:25

Lord, May the love of your Gospel build up in me a love for others. May I love them as you have loved me. Grant unto me a love for your church, not simply the institution and its gatherings, but the people and their lives. Give to me the courage to use the gifts, talents, and abilities you have graced me with for the good of other believers. I pray others will grow in love, hope, and faith because of me; and I because of them. Amen.

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