THE ROAD: Scripture and Prayer Guide: Day Six


THE ROAD to and from the Cross was a brutal and beautiful journey. Jesus willingly chose to lay down his life. His life was not taken from him; his life was given by Him. This week I challenge you to consider the truths of the Gospel imparted to us because of Christ’s willingness to travel this road. This Scripture guide is adapted from A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent. It is a good read and I recommend it.

God’s gifts are all of grace, and there is nothing we can do to earn them. However, the wise believer (follower of Christ) will live in a position where God’s gracious gifts are rightly and regularly experienced.

I pray this guide will help you position yourself this week before the Lord with a right heart, spirit, mind, and body. Please take the time to look up the Scriptures and ponder them. Meditate on the Word of God.


The more I see the Gospel and the grace in it; the more I see my sin and my need for it. A rightful awareness of my own sinfulness does not drag me down, but serves to lift me up by magnifying my appreciation for God’s forgiving grace in my life. The more I appreciate the magnitude of God’s forgiveness of my sins, the more I love Him and delight to show Him love through heart-felt expressions of worship.

Luke 7:37-47 (meditated on verse 47 in your own life. How much?)

Lord, may I never forget what you saved me from. May I never forget who I was.   Yet, let me live in the joy of who I have become in you. Cause the truth of the Gospel to bear open my soul and my sin before you. Today, as we celebrate the cross, may the sheer magnitude of such an act of love remind me of the immensity of the Gospel and of the depths of your love for me. Amen.

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