Yesterday’s News Or Today’s Reality?

Will your actions in Jesus TODAY reflect your words about Jesus YESTERDAY?

As we close our series called The Road this week, that’s the incredibly uncomfortable- but I believe critically important- question you must ask yourself as a follower of Jesus on the “narrow road.”

For the entirety of this series, we have laid bare the inescapable truth which Jesus presented to His followers in Matthew 7- namely, that there are two roads, one wide and the other narrow, one leading to destruction and the other to life, and that each of us must set our lives on one of those two paths. In light of this reality, we’ve challenged each of you to consider your way, to honestly assess which road- the wide road of self, or the narrow road of Jesus- you are traveling. We’ve also presented clearly and unapologetically the reality that Jesus had done everything necessary for you to follow Him on the narrow road.

And now, in the final week of this series, in light of all that, we ask this question- What now? If you’ve set your life on the narrow road, trusting and surrendering wholly to Jesus, what happens next? What does life on that narrow road look like practically? Practically speaking, what should you be doing as you follow Jesus?

When we examine the post-resurrection accounts of the Bible, the answer becomes very clear- Everyone who encountered the risen Jesus, from the women at the tomb to the disciples on the Emmaus Road to Jesus’ own doubting inner circle, immediately shared what they had seen, heard, and experienced with someone else who needed to know. There was no keeping this news to themselves. It was too groundbreaking, too life changing not to tell someone.

Jesus then removes all doubt with His final words, which we know as the Great Commission. “Go make disciples of all nations,” Mathew tells us in His Gospel account. “Be my witnesses to everyone everywhere,” Luke recounts in the Acts. It’s as though Jesus is saying to those disciples then, and to us today, “If everything you say you believe to be true about me is actually true, then it’s not just true for you, but for EVERYONE. So don’t keep it to yourself!”

God has convicted my heart recently that this is a matter of spiritual integrity. It is a plain and unavoidable inconsistency to say that I believe life is found only in following Jesus, only on the narrow road, and then neglect to share that message of hope with others who I believe to be walking the wide road to destruction. That’s tough truth, but no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get around it.

Now certainly God is sovereign in salvation; you and I can’t save anyone from their sin, can’t transform a human heart from sinful to righteous. We also can’t make anyone else’s choices for them. But that’s not the issue, because Jesus never told us or expected us to do any of those things. He simply told us to tell others what we know to be true of Him, and in Him. That’s faithfulness right there- to be a witness, then allow God to do what only He can do.

So today, on Monday (or whatever day you are reading this!), don’t allow the Gospel to become merely yesterday’s news; demonstrate that it is indeed today’s reality. It’s as true today as it was on Sunday, and as worth proclaiming in the world as it was worth proclaiming in the church. Let’s be a people who do as those in the Gospel accounts did when they encountered the life changing reality of the risen Jesus- go tell someone who needs to know! Where, and with whom, can you begin today?

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