Are you a Life Bringer?

Have you ever had the privilege of bringing the best dish to the party? Everyone raves about how delicious your food is. For me this typically means I made buffalo chicken dip. People love it.

Jesus told us, “You are the salt of the Earth.” We have the great privilege of bringing into the world the flavor that makes the difference. Jesus is the bread of life. He is the living water. Those who drink of this water will never thirst again.

The vision statement of Fellowship Church is Bringing real life in Christ to Ascension Parish and beyond. It is birthed not out of personal vision but out of Scriptural revelation. Jesus told us to, “Go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and teaching them everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always to the end of the age.” This is the revelation of Christ for our instruction till his return.

Go. That word is pretty self-explanatory. Go.
Make Disciples. This means cause to become a follower of Christ. We, followers of Christ, do not cause people to come to Christ, that is the work of the Holy Spirit. Yet, we have been called directly into that work. We are called to be intentional and obedient in our everyday mission of going for the purpose of making disciples.

The wording real life was birthed in my heart the first time I drove around Prairieville. I saw a community that has most everything it needs from house to house. Nicer homes with nice cars parked out front. Often you can see boats and other toys around the house. People are affording for themselves the good life. In John 10:10, Jesus says, “The Thief has come to kill, steal, and destroy, but I have come that you might have life and that life abundantly.”

The truth of life in this world is that the good life can miss everything that matters. Big houses can become the loneliest places. Nice cars can take the loneliest and most meaningless drives to relationally dead end jobs and commitments. Our mission is to bring life…real life. And we, the followers of Christ, have it. Are you bringing it?

In this passage in John 10 we learn some key factors about real life. We learn some truths about the Good Shepherd and life as his sheep. We, the followers of Christ, are his possession and experience his provision and protection as we live for his purposes.

Being the possession of Christ requires us to embrace this right relationship with God. It requires daily admitting the areas we desire to lean into our own understanding and asking God to make our paths straight by leading us to trust his ways. Experiencing the provision of Christ means trusting Him to provide everything needed for his purposes in our lives. Every time we struggle with his provision, it reveals that we are struggling with his purpose. He always provides what we need for his purposes.

Ask yourself these 3 questions about provision decisions.
1. WHY do I want this, really? (Have pure motives.)
2. What will this really cost? (Not just the $ but the time and energy.)
3. How will GOD receive glory?

The Good Shepherd’s protection is sufficient in the face of our rebellions. Meaning the grace found in Christ is not negated by sin, it is sufficient for sin. His protection, however, is not efficient in our rebellion. If I tell my children to not play in the street, but they do, there is only so much protection I can provide.

The big issue is purpose. Are you willing to live for Christ’s purposes? Christ did. The Good Shepherd laid down his life for the sheep. If we will know this purpose with our lives we, too, must lay our lives down to Christ.

Will you lay your life down? Will you Go and make disciples? Will you bring life?

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