The Healing Dream

I can’t imagine being blind. I already have bad eyes and without my contacts or a pair of glasses I can barely see. One of my best friends, Joe, has a brother who is blind. He wasn’t born blind but became blind when he was younger. Dude has so much joy, he’s talented musically, and has the heart of a champion in everything he does. I can honestly say that I don’t know if I would have that same attitude if I were blind. I can be a complainer and a man of excuses, so I know for a fact that, in the flesh, I would be depressed, a nagging spirit, and an absolute pessimist.

In Mark chapter 10, there is a guy named Bartimaeus. He is a beggar who is blind and seeking Jesus for healing power. When I think about this man, outside of what the biblical text actually says, I wonder about him and those like him. I ponder what his thoughts might have been, his actions, and his dreams. You see, when he heard that Jesus was passing him on the streets, he cried out “Jesus, son of God, have mercy on me!” This means Bartimaeus had to have heard of this great man named Jesus before. He heard of Jesus’ healing power, his loving ways and that he is capable of anything! I wonder if this man had dreams of meeting Jesus and hopes and visions of seeing Jesus reach out and touch him, heal him, and save him.

However, the moment he cried out, the crowd, maybe even some disciples, rebuked him, telling him to be silent. Can you imagine? Bartimaeus is finally going to meet Jesus and the crowd attempts to hold him back. Though many of us can’t relate to an inability to see physically, we can relate to Bartimaeus as people try to hold us back from seeing the dreams we have: Peace, joy, healing of some kind, a good life, and sustained through life through Jesus. These things, my friends, are things that only Christ can offer us. Some of us are striving to dive more into our relationship with Christ, but we allow people to hold us back. However, we can learn some valuable things from this passage of Bartimaues, because he didn’t let others hold him back:

  1. Your cries for healing are not insignificant, they are heard: Keep crying out, and let desperation in any situation or circumstance drive you to the feet of Jesus and away from any discouragement. He knows. He hears. He’s there.
  2. It is never too inconvenient for Jesus to serve you, heal you, and save you: Jesus came to serve, save, and heal anyone who calls on his name. Bartimaeus is a marginalized person, an outcast, and a shameful man to society, yet Christ serves him, heals him, and saves him. His dream finally comes true. No matter where you are at, Jesus will call you.
  3. Your faith in Jesus will make you well, no matter what: This doesn’t always mean physically. In the passage Bartimeaus cried out “Son of David” to Jesus twice, and then he called him Rabbi. What faith before the physical healing began! Often times, though we are physically hurt, Jesus is healing our hurt souls. If your dream is to be well, Jesus will certainly make you spiritually well, which has more rewards in the heavens than your earthly bodies will ever get.

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