Hardest Challenge Ever


“My life’s so crazy. I’m so busy. It’s just crazy, my life is busy!” You have said this at least once in the last 48 hours. Don’t deny it. I have. And by saying it, we just may have turned down doing something God truly desired for us to do.

So here’s the challenge: Take 5 minutes every day, for the next 7 days, and sit in a chair completely still and completely quiet. That’s it. Why is this hard, you ask? Because your life is so noisy and you will FREAK OUT when it is silent.

I know a guy who works 72 hours by his own choice, just to keep up with co-workers. I recently heard a lady say the only moment of silence she has had in last 6 months was waiting in the doctor’s office for her doctor to arrive. People now tell pollsters that they’re too busy to register to vote, spouses they’re too busy to date, co-workers they’re too busy to make friends outside the office. They’re too busy to take a vacation or to sleep. And time for serving the church? Yea right.

What’s worse is busyness is much more than a way of life for many people, it is a badge of honor. We’ve bought into the lie that if we are busy, then we are important. I am doing more. I am better. It’s just not true. You aren’t important because you are busy. You are important because God said you are. Plain and simple.

Honestly, I don’t think your life is as busy as you think it is. Seriously. But IT IS NOISY. Ding, ring, wahhhh (baby crying…ALL THE TIME at my house). Netflix, candy crush, and on and on…these are not things that take our time. We straight up give it to them. And they steal our needed silence.

God did not intend for us to live this way. We all have or one day will come to a realization that our time on Earth is limited. That should cause us to pause & rest. But instead, it has the opposite effect on many. Just maybe, that’s the very attraction of busyness. If we never take a moment to stop and think, we don’t have to face that hard truth. And without time to reflect, our drive to show status can mean we create busyness even when it doesn’t exist.

But beware…Busyness is not evidence of godliness, but rest is. Busyness is not a fruit of the Spirit. The Bible doesn’t list it this way: love, joy, peace, patience, busyness…

In Psalms 46:10 it says clearly- BE STILL. And don’t just be still, but know that I am God. We are not God. The world can operate with you. And what you are doing, you can’t do non-stop.

Take the 5 minute challenge. But prepare thyself! Because as soon as you start your phone will vibrate on the counter. Your arm will start twitching and you will want to go see “WHAT AM I MISSING??? WAS THAT SOMEONE POSTING A PICTURE OF COFFEE WITH A BEAUTIFUL SWIRL ON TOP???”

Now shhhhhh…

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