“WATCH ME!” Part 1

“Watch me!” says Silento, over 70 times to be exact in one of the catchiest, most annoying songs I have ever heard. The song is so self-absorbed and the more we sing it, I believe the more we will continue to believe that it’s all about us! Actually, we don’t even need a song to help us with that truth, we just need it to affirm what we already believe.

Selfies are annoying! There I said it! But really the excessiveness of selfies makes me not want to get on Instagram, twitter, or Facebook. To me it is the ultimate form of self-infatuation. As insecure as we come across about our looks sometimes, we seem to love how we look after we snap a picture of ourselves with our smart phones and selfie sticks.I know any picture that is taken of me or anything that I have snapped before I always review it before it can be posted! Selfies are taken for fun, as well as for evaluation from the public. People want to know what people think about them. Me, Me, Me, is at the front of every picture we take of ourselves. I want to show the world “Me!” to gain security or to show off.

I never want to come across as a hypocrite. I just have a passion to help people see vision of what it truly means to deny self. And I know it’s hard, I have to do it every day because I’m In Jesus but I am also a human who loves myself so I am preaching to myself.

I think there are some facts about the selfie and some questions we need to ask based on those truths before we post one and what the heart behind them is.

Yea a selfie is fun, but what’s really the point?   It’s about me!

– Yea a selfie can be viewed by a lot of people, but what if it’s a stumbling block? What are you wearing?

– Yea selfies can be shared with just about anyone. What portraits are you saving for just your loved ones or your future spouse?

– Yea selfies are culturally relevant. But who really cares about what you look like? Shouldn’t how God views you and those you love and love you be of most importance?

– Yea selfies can be a way for people to comment and like, but don’t you get more insecure about the negative posts more than the positive posts? What if you don’t get any likes at all?

We say “Watch Me!” just like Silento. We may not do the ‘nae nae’ or the ‘whip’ but we do the selfie. Being self-consumed has never helped anyone. If the point of life is Jesus, shouldn’t the view of ourselves be decreased and our view of Christ increased? There is nothing wrong with snapping shots and having fun with people in photos, and I am definitely not suggesting that we shouldn’t live joyful lives and enjoy one another. What I am challenging us to think about is the reality that our uses of social media are making us more obsessed with our image in our minds and others minds, instead of the image we have in God. God approves of us through his Son Jesus, and that is the only thing that should ever matter.

I want to encourage you with a quote my favorite hip/hop theologian Lecrae; “If you live for people’s acceptance, you’ll die by their rejection.” When you live knowing you’re an image bearer of God, when people watch you they’ll really see Him. And when you are satisfied with that, you won’t care what they think, and you won’t be discouraged if they like what they see or not. Next time you raise your phone to snap a pic, are you screaming “Watch me”? or do you enjoy the image God has given you already regardless of what you post?

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