How to look like a crazy person this Thanksgiving

Believe it or not, my kids are not perfect. Not even close. Often, they begin fighting, arguing & complaining before I even pop my head off the pillow. How is that even possible? It’s like they wake up with an agenda. Were they sleeping just to upload into their brain things to be belligerent about? I have a hunch that I am not alone. Many of your households are just like mine. If we were to be honest with ourselves though, I think we all start too many days like this.

“This stinks.”
“So and so did this.”
“I wish I had that.”

We just wake up and go to war against our own heart’s contentment and our spirit of gratitude. And that war always leads to a fight against other people, even the people we love the most.

And social media isn’t helping. It’s like the breeding ground for the sin of comparison. For example: You scroll facebook and see a friend out on the town eating steak and living it up. Meanwhile, you’re at home watching reruns of Seinfeld & eating lean cuisine.

The big problem is that we compare our “behind the scenes” with others “highlight reels.” And your discontentment will throw your spirit into chaos. You can pretend that it doesn’t- but your soul cannot and will not be fooled. You lose all peace and immediately grow combative. Listen, there are enough things in this world to fight against for us to be fighting one another.

So I started a new activity with my boys. Every time I catch them in a complaint over something they do not have or every time I hear them argue over something that displeases them-they have to say one thing they love about their brother or share one thing they are thankful that they do have. Needless to say, this exercise is exhausting with the amount of complaining we are trying to overcome. But it is worth it.

Your gratitude and thanksgiving will fuel your contentment. You see, contentment is not found in adding to what you have, but in subtracting from what you desire (Jeremiah Burroughs). A better way to say this may be: If Jesus is all that you have, then you have everything that you need.

So, here it is…

How to look like a crazy person this Thanksgiving:
In every temptation to be discontent- stop and speak OUT LOUD (with full conviction), wherever you are (even at the risk of looking like a lunatic) one thing you are thankful for.

1 Thess 5:18- in a things give thanks, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

PS: Another thing you could do to look crazy this Thanksgiving- dress in a giant turkey costume. I don’t suggest this one though.

Adult Fleece Turkey Costume - XL

Happy Thanksgiving!



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