I Promise Devotion- 1/20/2016

This Week’s #ipromise Principle- The presence of God is a promise to live, not an experience to chase.

Today’s #ipromise Principle- Don’t promise to honor God in what you might have tomorrow. Practice honoring Him in what you do have today.

Read Matthew 14:1-21

Often, we fall into the trap of making promises to God about future versions of ourselves, about future seasons in our lives and circumstances. One of the primary places we do this is in our finances. We say to God, “God, if or when I have THIS MUCH (insert your own amount here), I’ll honor you in giving.” We comfort ourselves in present disobedience by looking ahead to potential future faithfulness.

But this is not God’s desire for us, for two reasons- One, because God isn’t primarily concerned with tomorrow, which isn’t even promised to any of us. He desires that you would be faithful in stewarding what He has entrusted to you today. And two, the hard truth is that if you aren’t willing to be faithful today, no amount an increase will change that tomorrow. When it comes specifically to money, Dave Ramsey says it well- “Money doesn’t create character; it only reveals and amplifies what is already there.”

In our text today, Jesus performs one of His most notable miracles using the meager offering of a willing young boy. The boy didn’t look at the massive crowd surrounding Him and promise Jesus to help feed them tomorrow when his lunch was more substantial. Such a promise would have been, frankly, useless. He simply offered what He had today– humbly, generously, and faithfully. Jesus took that faithfulness and made it more fruitful than the young boy could have ever asked and imagined, to His glory and the benefit of others.

What has God placed in your hand today? What would it look like for you to trade promises of future faithfulness with a practice of faithfulness in giving today? At the end of the day, God isn’t all that impressed with gaudy amounts; He desires a heart that is so moved by His grace and generosity that it cannot help but overflow in generosity as well.

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