I Promise Devotion – 1/21/2016

This week’s #ipromise principle: The Presence of God is a Promise to live in not an experience to chase.

Today’s #ipromise principle: Time is evil when we miss it’s value.

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. – Ephesians 5:15-16 (ESV)

Time is the great, invisible idol of our society. Most people believe that the chaos is temporary and placid fields lie just over the near-term horizon. But then the last chaos transforms into the next chaos with no ceremony or recognition. School and sports become first careers and desire to get ahead. Young relationships and social lives become babies and night-long crying. Paying for the growing family becomes a new lifestyle standard that requires more and more overtime with less and less surplus. Babies become children and their sports and activities compete with the work requirements of this newly standardized lifestyle. Retirement disappears into a bear market and work till death seems the unavoidable conclusion. In all of these transformations, a question lurks waiting to be mentioned by pastors at the most inopportune time:

How is my use of time being graced by God to help me become more Christ-like?

As all humans are naturally evil apart from faith in Jesus Christ, so also is time that has not been redeemed. Notice how significant this time (kairos) is from the passage above, as noted by James Montgomery Boice:

“Both kairos and chronos refer to time and are frequently translated as ‘time’ in our Bibles. But chronos refers only to the flow of time, the following of one event upon another; it is the idea involved in our word ‘chronology.’ Kairos refers to a moment that is especially significant or favorable…. What this means is that time is to have this full or meaningful element for the wise Christian. Moreover, he is to redeem it or make the most of it precisely for that reason.”

Your life is especially significant and favorable for transformation out of old ways and into Jesus’ ways. Make the most of your time – redeem your time. How? By prioritizing the uses of time as Jesus prioritized his.

  1. Will you live to serve rather than to be served?
  2. Will you live as an agent of reconciliation with God to those around you?
  3. Will you demonstrate the love of God at every opportunity?
  4. Will you study God’s Word and have it ready for situations of temptation?
  5. Will you rest when you have worked and have more work upcoming?

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